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Free Slots NZ – Everything You Need To Know Before Diving In

Although you normally have to use your own money, you can find plenty of casinos that allow free slots. There are a few options – a massive welcome bonus, winning gifts and awards or training games with no actual prizes.

Advantages of Playing Free Slots NZ Online

Free Slots NZ

The benefits of free slots? Obviously, you do not have to pay anything. You even have the chance to make some money out of them without putting anything in.

Moreover, even if you fail to add some money to your pocket, at least you gain some experience, become familiar with the online casino before putting actual money in and decide on a few techniques to try.

Free slots NZ involve no risks and since almost every casino game is a bit risky, the free profile represents a benefit itself. Free slots make a good time killer as well, whether you are bored or on a lunch break.

Best Ways to Play Free Slots NZ?

In terms of rules, free slots follow the same rule pattern. Even when trying to find the best online casino, chances are there will be no differences. No matter how you got those free slots (bonuses, awards, welcome packs or just earnings), the way they work is simple – pull and wait.

The lever is virtual, you would have to click on it or tap it if you play on your smartphone or tablet. Each casino (and even each free slots game in a casino) may have different winning combinations. This is why it is imperative to read the rules before starting to play.

Discovering the Best Free Slots NZ Suppliers

Mansion Casino's Age of the Gods is one of the top rated free slots games out there because it has five reels ad not less than 20 different pay lines, not to mention the numerous bonuses and rewards. Paddy Power Casino's Beach Life is worth some attention too – a different theme, basic graphics and mammoth potential earnings.

Gala Casino's Circus of Cash and Betsafe Casino's Thunderstruck 2 are worth being mentioned among free slots too.

Understanding how Progressive Jackpots Work

Progressive jackpots work by a simple principles – the jackpot goes higher whenever a player fails to win it. The more players try their luck, the bigger it gets. The chances to win them in free slots are lower when compared to basic prizes, but no one can deny the temptation – you can win millions gathered from others prior to your game.

More and more casino implement progressive jackpots these days.

Understanding how Progressive Jackpots Work


As a general rule of thumb, free online slots NZ can go in multiple directions. You can gain experience and make small amounts of money for free, without gambling with your own money. At the same time, freebies will reach to an end eventually, so your experience and good luck should kick in then. That is when real earnings become part of the fun.


Is gambling random?

Yes, most slot machines use a random number generator.

Are there any secrets to win jackpots?

No, since everything is random.

What is the maximum you can win?

Some machines can pay up to $1,000 per credit, so the player can actually win millions.

Are slot casinos a waste of money?

If you try to make money, perhaps. If you see it as a form of entertainment that might bring in some profits too, then no.

Bottom line, free slots can turn a boring evening into an entertaining experience. Choose the right casino and own the rules before starting to gamble.