Indian Dreaming
1. Place
Indian Dreaming - 1300.00 AUD Leo
2. Place
Shogun - 800.00 AUD Ethan
Queen of the Nile
3. Place
Queen of the Nile - 650.00 AUD Max

About Us

The Indian-Dreaming-Slot is a web portal run by a group of experienced mathematicians, statisticians, and gaming technology gurus. All joined in the effort to provide the most relevant, data-driven reviews that will significantly increase your chances for winning. Online slots are a game of chance, but wherever there is a chance, it means there are some mathematics and data that explains it. That's where geeks like us come to play. Check us out and compare your play before and after reading our reviews. See it yourself do we just talk the talk, or we walk the walk!

Author Bio

Archie Franklin got his Ph.D. in mathematics from the RMIT University in Australia. He worked as a big data engineer in Google for almost ten years before he decided that he needed a break. So he decided to mix his love for online slots with his knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and big data. As a result, he founded the Indian Dreaming Slot where he published his insights and review on how to make the most of online betting.